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Pokemon Type Tumblr Challenge

Day 1-  Normal



feel in love w/ naruto 498

[22:50] susaaaann: caseys crazy weird
[22:50] susaaaann: lol
[22:50] chinkyypeterr: lmao!
[22:50] chinkyypeterr: can i post that up?
[22:50] chinkyypeterr: lmao!

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a cock

a cock

There&#8217;s nario

There’s nario



mark&#8217;s kicks (photo taken by Justin Phan)

mark’s kicks (photo taken by Justin Phan)


[20:45] chinkyypeterr: u no what icy hot is?
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: is this thing
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: where it stops swilling
[20:46] jjerrllyynne812: ahahha noo i doont
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: swelling *
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: and if u put that shit on ur balls
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: it burns
[20:46] jjerrllyynne812: ice packs?
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: no
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: icy hot
[20:46] chinkyypeterr: its cream
[20:47] jjerrllyynne812: ewww! creaaaam ahahahah
[20:47] jjerrllyynne812: for ur ballls?
[20:47] chinkyypeterr: lol
[20:47] chinkyypeterr: yes
[20:47] jjerrllyynne812: why does it swell?
[20:47] chinkyypeterr: no
[20:47] chinkyypeterr: it stops
[20:47] jjerrllyynne812: does that make it look bigger?
[20:47] chinkyypeterr: swelling
[20:47] jjerrllyynne812: o_o
[20:48] jjerrllyynne812: lmao
[20:48] chinkyypeterr: lmao!